Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No resolutions for 2013-just changes!

I was a worrier. Hardcore. Not about everything but in reality probably about far too many things-work, boys, bosses, family issues, friends, money, the future, the present-you get the picture. I think a reasonable amount of worrying is normal and many people are concerned about the same things but I was a little too preoccupied with my worrying. I could have been the gold medal champ. Not a lot of people knew that about me but I tried to fight it.  Then things changed last summer and I worried about different things but at the same time I worried about less. It was freeing. I had a different perspective and instead of it being just a talking point I was actually able to practice my new perspective. It felt and still feels liberating. I look at the new year as another opportunity for change. While I'm thrilled 2012 is in the rear view mirror and I'm blowing a kiss goodbye to the past, I'm taking with me the lessons I've learned and working on some changes for 2013. Not resolutions because I think we set ourselves up to fail when we resolve to do something and take a step back and then beat ourselves up and then try again and this vicious cycle starts again and we forget what's really important.

Here's my top ten changes for 2013. What are yours?

10. Worry about what's important, let go of what isn't. if the flavor of the month isn't texting you or treating you how you deserve, they should worry you're going to walk away. Not the other way around.
9. Pursue my passion. I've written for years but haven't published in awhile. Time to change that.
8. Stay off the grid. I'm going to unplug everyday for awhile. Better to connect in person than virtually.
7. Take 10 seconds and think before I speak. Sometimes I don't have a filter. Oops.
6. Finish my 26 Acts of Kindness. I'm on my 5th.
5. Take a vacation and not worry about budget, location or packing.
4. Spend less. Give more. Take inventory before I decide to buy something just because.
3. Start nursing school. And not be scared.
2. Get out of the comfort zone-in everything.
1. Pay it forward.

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