Friday, December 28, 2012

What happened in 2012??

Ahhh the most wonderful time of the year. No, really. It is. Even though this year is different and I know for many others it is as well, this time of year is still special. We have carried on old traditions and started a few new ones as well. I will admit Christmas dinner was a little different-although it may be due to the priest at dinner (yes, it happened)-but I think it was really due to the acute awareness my brother, mom and I felt that my dad is really not here anymore. So that was tough but we were surrounded by our family and adorable little kids who make everything better.

The new year is vastly approaching. People like a fresh start. I, for one, am really looking forward to a new year. I'm thankful for the wonderful things that happened in 2012 but would like to put some of it in the rear view mirror. Before I list my opportunities for 2013, I'm going to list the most significant events of 2012 for me personally. It is both cathartic and serves to give me some perspective on things.

Top 10 Significant Events of 2012

10. Falling for someone quickly, watched it burn faster and still believing in love. yay.
9.  Read a couple amazing memoirs of hope and loss-before my own experience with hope and loss. Prophetic? Maybe.
8. Conquered Managerial Finance and Managerial Accounting!
7. Vegas in March. Unbelievable, action packed trip with Lawyer Chic.
6. Interviewed for a few positions that I did not get. Humbling
5. Left DeVry after 3 years for a new recruiting position.
4. Decided to take a risk, follow my passions and leave the corporate world and pursue nursing.
3. Enrolled back in master's program to finish MBA before nursing.
2. New York City and Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting with my mom-the most amazing, selfless woman that I have the privilege of not only being her daughter but also her best friend.
1. Losing my dad. Bar none this is to date not only the most significant event of 2012 but of my life so far.

I hope your list provides perspective, laughter and hope for the future. Stay tuned for my list of opportunities for 2013!

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